Yesterday someone said I was the world’s greatest VA (Virtual Assistant).

Some people might take offense at this– to be relegated to a low-wage, outsourced function.

Or to be the “world’s best” VA is to akin to being prison inmate of the year or being told that you throw well for a girl– a backhanded compliment.

But I found great meaning in the compliment.

It means that people see me as a servant leader– not too important to wash other people’s feet.

It means that we are constantly thinking of our people’s well-being, to treat them as extended family.

I’ll do anything for our people– not because it’s moral high ground or creates loyal employees, but because it makes me feel good.

We have a dozen VAs on our team, mostly from the Philippines– amazing, happy, loyal people.

We couldn’t operate without them.

Another way to serve besides being a VA is to be like Steven Spielberg or George Lucas, directing talents like Harrison Ford and Tom Cruise.

Harrison Ford, as talented as he is, couldn’t do everything all by himself– he needs a team of people to support him.

Have you considered where you can be of the greatest service, to lift where you stand?

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