I’m so grateful I was able to go to college.

I have taken for granted the ability to read and write, learn how to organize my time, and behave professionally in a group setting.

Young adults these days find it fashionable to hate the education system.

Yet the irony of their incoherent tirades are rife with grammatical mistakes, like the 99/1% protesters marching in the streets, boycotting the “big corporations”, shouting misgivings on Facebook from their iPhones, before they head to Starbucks to watch Netflix.

The youth feel disenfranchised, so they blame educational institutions, the wasteful government, and greedy corporations.

Too many hero movies lead them to believe they can make 6 figures by next month by merely self-declaring they are an Influencer, so they can sell courses on how to create courses to sell influencer marketing to course sellers.

One of them I loaned money to buy a BMW, which he drove off in the middle of the night across the country, with no repayment. Meanwhile, he’s stripped our logo from our courses and is actively selling it as his. His website has the logos of our clients and he refuses to remove them.

I’ve learned respect from mentors that have run hedge funds, airlines, newspapers, and the United States Post Office.

I had dinner with George HW Bush and learned how he greets people he’s never met before– by asking their name, repeating it, and remembering it later to mention it again.

One successful friend owns a chain of furniture stores, but his car is worth 1/3rd the BMW of this other kid. One has millions in the bank, and the other has flash but is broken.

College taught me the discipline to see my way through to complete a multi-year program. How many of your initiatives have made it past a year? People who are excited about constantly starting new things are really admitting that they can’t finish anything.

I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions not because statistically they fail, but because I care about getting the result, not about the announcement or declaring victory before I’ve even put on my armor and headed out to battle.

College is for learning how to learn– gaining principles and habits that operate in conjunction with the work experience you get at the same time or after you graduate.

The first thing I do when I enter someone’s living room is look at how many books they have relative to the size of their TV. That tells you their priority. Read more to be an interesting person.

I want to hire and partner with people who want to get rich slowly.

I want to partner with people who want to change the post-secondary education system from within, by teaching and providing vocational training, even down at the community college and high school level.

I’d love there to be a digital marketing degree that carries the same authority and practical application as being a medical or legal professional.

Can you imagine a “doctor” that says they don’t need to go to medical school? They have YouTube and went to a Doctor Mastermind! Those are voodoo doctors and witch doctors.

The college system is adapting because of programs like DigitalMarketer and Social Media Examiner, to bring together practitioners that each, businesses that need help, and students that need jobs.

Meanwhile, kids– get off my lawn!

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