Keep going, my friends.

If you don’t quit, you win.

Don’t be discouraged by how effortless the success of others may appear. I guarantee you there is pain and struggle you’re not seeing.

There is power in finishing what you started and having a strong team behind you to carry you when you are weak.

I’m not advocating or glorifying the “struggle” or “hustle” of entrepreneurship, but the radical acceptance of the un-airbrushed reality of getting through life.

So many amazing people we know— you’d never think they battle with chronic addiction, stab their friends in the back, cry themselves to sleep at night, steal to prop up their lifestyle, and post incredible pictures on social media.

They seem invincible, but actually, they are human like us, have hopes and dreams for their families, and struggle with insecurity.

Just because you don’t measure up to that selected collage of highlights doesn’t mean you should feel like you’ve failed and need to give up.

Pretending to have made it is far easier than achieving the result. And those who are focusing on goals instead of appearance, have bruises and dirt on them.

I know many who have jumped ship or switched jobs only to find the grass isn’t greener on the other side.

I’m not saying blindly trudge on when the odds are against you.

The journey to becoming the person you want to be is harder than you think and will take longer than you think.

Surround yourselves with a loyal team of people who truly care for you and each other. Lower the bar and you will painfully regret it later— you cannot change people into what you’d like them to be. Heartache and frustration will sap your strength and distract you from serving your mission and taking care of yourself.

Expect to see a lot of specifics from me going forward about how to build an amazing team as well as many mistakes we’ve learned along the way.

Want the easiest way to tell if someone is real or not? See if they have a team behind them, who embrace a repeatable process that’s encoded in training.

I will share with you specifics on how we get stuff done, build processes, and train up the future generation.

Why? Because it doesn’t cost us a penny to share it (though our time is expensive), and because it helps us attract the right people to work with.

If you want to go fast, go alone.
If you want to go far, go together
-African Proverb

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