Make relationship decisions, business and personal, based on your long-term objectives.

A potential business partner just revealed himself this morning by not wanting to make plans beyond the next 30 days.

If it’s a girl you’ve not gotten to know well or if it’s merely transactional in nature, like those rent-by-the-hour motels, then make sure she knows that’s how you see it and your intent.

I’m not judging folks who do one-night stands in a business where it’s two consenting adults.

There is a benefit in being able to “try stuff out” and having your “options open”.

But the kinds of relationships you attract, if you’re short-term focused, are not the same as those who were willing to invest in you long-term and have proven it for several years.

I give people the benefit of the doubt by giving first and investing in them until they prove otherwise.

Just beyond 30 days from now, we have a Content Factory-only day at Facebook, where we are working together on new products and processes across multiple teams, specifically for locals and anyone serving many locations or many clients.

Our friends at Facebook and the Content Factory team take a long-term view of local and the agency space— and how together we solve the challenges long-term.

There are a few bright, hard-working people that I really wanted to be at these meetings. But they’ve disqualified themselves by wanting prostitutes instead of partners.

Play for the long run.

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