Okay, I’m going to tell you my secret to how I drive engagement and conversion.

Are you ready?

It’s not a deep technical background, years of industry experience, special tools that you don’t have access to, or having inside connections.

I do something that I’m pretty sure nearly all of you can do (yes, YOU).

And that is I actually CARE.

Yes, I care about seeing people succeed and I feel pain when people suffer. Not because I’m a “better” person, but because this is the only worthwhile way to go through life– to have something you’re willing to sacrifice for.

My guess is that 99% of us understand this intellectually, but many of us don’t feel it in our hearts.

The downside of caring is that your vulnerability opens you up to getting burned. I’m not one for contracts– I’d rather be able to trust people at their word.

A couple of people reading this may feel that I’m talking about them. Sometimes I am, but usually not, since I’m going for larger principles that I hope everyone can learn from…

Especially me.

My hope is that if you’re feeling convicted or inspired when reading these posts, you find inspiration to do better, as we are all trying to do better in all areas of our lives.

A couple of people have read about the pain I’ve gone through thinking I was attacking them. Sometimes they tell me (which I prefer) so we can clear the misunderstanding, and sometimes they have a grudge that builds into resentment and apathy.

My hope is that I can do a small part in making Facebook a place where people can collaborate and build positive relationships with others who share similar visions.

What do you truly care about– and are you willing to make yourself vulnerable, open to attack, and being taken advantage of, because you want to make a difference?

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