That “one” thing.

You know that one email you’re supposed to send or that call you’re supposed to me, but you keep doing other stuff because you’re avoiding that one thing?

Tackle it first– and you’ll feel such relief, you’ll wonder why you kept putting it off.

Plus, most of the time, that one thing takes only 5 minutes to do, but has been on your mind for weeks or even months.

I put off exercise and daily reading for the longest time because I was “busy”. Now I do that first and the day opens up for me.

I swam 2 miles in the pool yesterday (the longest I’ve done in years), after swimming a mile a day the last few days.

Yesterday, I had one email that I dreaded sending, even though it was necessary– then I tackled it head-on and was done in 5 minutes.

When the same issue pops up multiple times, it’s time for an honest examination of the situation– to look for blind spots and seek advisors, instead of ignoring the pain.

But instead of being sure I was right, I sought out 5 of my mentors for help this weekend and got a plan that I would never have thought of, with their assurances to help along the way.

The silver lining of problems is that it draws your true friends and mentors close to you. If you can tolerate some pain, the learning is incredible.

I’ve viewed these not as problems that hurt me, but as valuable gifts from these people. So I win no matter what.

The structure and accountability that I had been dodging is exactly the solution my business needed. And where I have weaknesses, others stepped into those roles (you know who you are), so we can each focus on our strengths.

Funny how the “wisdom” you hear oft-repeated (yeah, yeah, yeah, I’d say) doesn’t really strike you until it’s your own personal circumstances and your own breakthrough.

I hope this has value for you.

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