Want to see something ridiculous?

This picture is here with me and Gary.

I’m wearing only one shoe because he’s got the other in his hand.

Most people would post this to beef up their ego, to show they are somehow associated with or endorsed by someone famous.

It’s like playing a giant game of Bingo, where you have to take a picture at the Eiffel Tower, stay in a Vegas suite, have a picture with Richard Branson, and whatever boxes in your grid.

Until you can declare BINGO, upon which the sky opens, all the cash magically comes raining down, and your favorite game show host pops out to interview you on what you will do with your winnings.

In your furious path to obtaining things, slow down to appreciate and care for the people along the way.

While Gary probably doesn’t mind being a trophy to many (he loves it, since he wants more attention), most other people simply want to be loved.

If you take the time to care instead of just grab and grab (even if your justification is your family or whatever), you might find more people respecting you, your business growing, and you do not have to “hustle” in constant pain like everyone else.

A simple truth— but are you doing it?

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