Website Conversions Objective

If you choose the website conversions objective, you might notice that your average CPMs will double– going from perhaps $6 per thousand impressions to $12 per thousand impressions.

We see a lot of people freaking out over the cost of their traffic rising.

And many are making the mistake of running ads for video views, boosting, or whatnot so that some other metric (cost per view, CPM, cost per engagement, etc) will go down.

Then they wonder why their conversion rate is so low and their CPA is so high.

Here’s how to get around this major mistake…

If the business objective for that particular creative is actually conversion, then run it as website conversion.

If that particular creative is for engaging (not selling), then boost it.

We see a lot of people who should be selecting “conversion” for certain campaigns, and bidding for CLICKS.

Yes, they are getting cheap clicks, but not conversions as well as they should.

That’s because Facebook will sub-target and optimize to whatever objective you choose.

You could run the exact same ad with the exact same target, side by side– the only difference being the objective you choose.

And you’ll get drastically different results because of the sub-targeting and optimization that Facebook does.

This is perhaps the biggest misunderstanding people have about Facebook ads, causing them to say that “Facebook ads don’t work”.

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