#1 mistake I see by Facebook advertisers

Running conversion ads against cold audiences– and lookalikes are mostly cold audiences, too.

I get that sales are your goal and that you aren’t interested in “wasting” money on building thru-plays or engagement.

But you might as well be THAT GUY who hastily walks up to every attractive woman he sees to immediately proposition her.

Not only will your face sting from the SLAP of rejection (in the form of higher base CPMs that lead to higher CPAs), but you’ll pollute your brand message and alienate your brand ambassadors.

If your CPMs are over $25 (the “check engine light” of your Facebook ads, no matter the objective), consider whether you’re being penalized.

The funny thing, as some of you have noticed, is that if you haven’t polluted your remarketing audiences, you often get better results choosing to reach instead of conversion for bottom-of-funnel ads.

Here’s why– if your targeting/copy is solid upstream, then you don’t need to choose the conversion objective for remarketing. You might not have 50 conversions per ad set to optimize anyway.

So take the pressure off the algo by choosing reach for remarketing. And then choose conversion as the objective for top-of-funnel creative to focus the signal.

What’s missing here is running conversion-oriented content with a conversion objective.

Weird, I know– think about it to understand why.

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