Be a Better Marketer

68,774 people saw this post and 28,590 engaged.

It’s not the 50% engagement rate that struck me– it’s that I was able to reach 68,774 people with a couple of clicks.

Imagine a Super Bowl-sized stadium full of 67,774 people you reached for $197.90.

That’s 68,774 sets of eyeballs, each one on their phone, looking at your message for a brief moment.

And nearly 30,000 of them liked the post or clicked on something.

Each of these is a human being– not a number– with lives every bit as complex as yours and ours.

Each one with hopes and dreams– deciding if your momentary interruption is relevant to their lives.

Next time you post something or run an ad, stop to think about the humanity of what you’re doing.

And this realization is the key to making you a better marketer.

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