En route from Dallas to New York. And tomorrow is London, followed by Bucharest and Budapest.

#1 question people ask me– how do you not get tired from all this travel?

#2 question is– how are you able to manage your agency with so many people and clients?

They think the answer is that I don’t sleep– or that if someone were to cut my skin, they’d see the exposed metal underneath.

But here is the real answer– while I might physically be on a plane right now at 40,000 feet somewhere between Dallas and New York, mentally I’m somewhere else.

I’m looking at events over the next year– planning out exactly where projects need to be, intersecting to hit larger goals.

I’m thinking about key team members– not just their current issues, but charting their path over the next 5 years, based on their Goals Sheet.

I’m writing software requirements for 10 iterations ahead of our current development– because I see where the education system inevitably is heading and the opportunity for the Uber of marketing.

Because of this, you may think I’m absent-minded since I appear to be looking out into space.

And when I’m in that state, I often forget about current realities– forgetting my electric toothbrush in the hotel bathroom or forgetting to eat (some would argue I never forget that).

When I’m in an Uber, I’m in that same state– so I can trade money for more time to think, instead of worrying about parking or filling up the rental car to not get charged $6 a gallon.

I’ve not spent time on my appearance, though I probably should– since I’d rather put it into training up young and not-so-young adults at scale.

A mentor who is far wiser and more successful than me told me that I could have ANYTHING I wanted– as long as I was insensitive to the price I have to pay for it.

He also said that everyone gets exactly what they want since where they spend their time is a vote for what’s important to them.

I don’t count the costs of travel or see what I’m doing as work– I count it all joy.

What is so important to you that you’d give your life for it and aren’t counting the costs?

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