Got employees or partners causing you headaches?

Train them or fire them– don’t tolerate them, as Brad Lea has taught me.

No need to complain or argue.

Don’t attempt to justify your value– or worse, lower your prices.

The clients that pay you the least expect the most– so you can imagine the expectations of folks who pay you nothing.

If you have employees quit on you, perhaps you were too late in firing them.

Consider who is solving problems for you or creating problems for you– the former are team members and the latter should be clients.

Don’t allow employees to get confused into thinking that they’re clients– else you’ll go down the toilet quickly from massive costs, direct and indirect.

My biggest mistakes have been in hiring people who aren’t ready to drive results nor are ready to train to the level of proficiency necessary.

When they fail, don’t blame them– it’s your fault for having hired them.

Don’t loan them money and don’t make performance exceptions, lest the others notice and believe they are exempt, too.

This is the brutal truth of being a business owner– agency, manufacturer, or otherwise– family and friends are different.

Stay tuned for what I’ve learned in growing and operating my business, as our Agency Management Course.

I don’t claim to know everything, but at least you can learn from my many mistakes, plus what has worked splendidly well.

Are you in?

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