I bet you can’t guess what network this is from without peeking at the top of the image…

They structure campaign objectives into 3 stages of the funnel– Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

And within these stages, they have objectives like awareness, lead generation, video views, and website visits.

Facebook has the same ones, but it’s not Facebook.

Google has the same ones, but it’s not Google.

Twitter has the same ones, but it’s not Twitter.

It’s LinkedIn!

Is it because they’re copying each other?

No, it’s because these are BUSINESS objectives that we as marketers and entrepreneurs need to be using to structure funnels that drive sales.

If you recognize this pattern, you also recognize why your digital strategy needs to be CHANNEL-INDEPENDENT.

That means you set up your Goals, Content, and Targeting (also known as your “strategy”)— and then distribute them across Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Email, and whatever.

As a smart marketer, your relentless focus on the customer’s journey– solving their pain points and creating helpful “content” means that you don’t focus on channel-level minutiae.

Besides, the pros know that all channels are converging into the same engine and same interface. So get your strategy right first before getting distracted in the weeds.

Do you want to make a quick buck today off some hack that dies tomorrow or set a strategy that will generate results for you for years to come?

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