Transcutaneous oxygen levels TCpO2 have been clearly linked over the years to cancer, diabetes, and all forms of disease and inflammation.

3 hypoxia researchers won a Nobel Prize in medicine for this research last month, continuing what Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize in 1931 for (linking cancer to hypoxia).

I’ve been spending the last few weeks looking at how TCpO2 machines are used in medicine. For example, to mark exactly where to amputate the leg in diabetes patients– where blood flow stops.

So if we know that tissue-level oxygen (not blood-level) is tied to disease and measurable– and there is a technology that clearly can affect tissue-level oxygen, wouldn’t you want to research further?

I predict that in 20 years, people will see upping their oxygen pressure levels (measured as pO2 mmHg) as common as taking blood pressure.

And that we will eliminate most chronic diseases, avoiding a lot of needless deaths– as more people see that oxygen is available to the cells other than via respiration.

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