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Phil Mershon: Journey of Healing with Kaqun Water

Introduction to Kaqun Water Therapy Phil Mershon embarked on a trip to Las Vegas to relieve his persistent health issues, which had been deteriorating over time, affecting his lungs, sinuses, stomach, and cognitive abilities. In his quest for healing, he discovered Kaqun, a therapy involving immersion in oxygenated water designed to oxygenate cells and eliminate […]

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Health Care

We provide our people with free healthcare in the United States– they don’t pay a dime. And that means no cost to see a doctor or even call the hotline. We have people all over the United States, as well as the Philippines. It’s a bit over $100 a month– which seems too good to

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20% hydrogen mix in gas will significantly alleviate CO2 pollution from cooking. But even cooler is how the hydrogen gas is produced via a hydrogen boiler. An electrolysis process shocks the water, releasing both hydrogen and oxygen. Now what if there was a special way to have the hydrogen bubble out, but have the oxygen

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Transcutaneous oxygen levels TCpO2 have been clearly linked over the years to cancer, diabetes, and all forms of disease and inflammation. 3 hypoxia researchers won a Nobel Prize in medicine for this research last month, continuing what Otto Warburg won a Nobel Prize in 1931 for (linking cancer to hypoxia). I’ve been spending the last

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Cancer cells are hypoxic (lacking oxygen). And even healthy cells, deprived of oxygen, eventually become tumors, as proven by Warburg (Nobel Prize 1931). So the body tries to get more oxygen to them via angiogenesis (blood vessel formation), triggered by HIF (hypoxia-induced factors). The cell regulates metabolism by the oxygen available to it, known since

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If you’re an anti-vaxxer, Facebook said they will reduce your post reach and even ban you. One of our client’s pages got a stern warning just now for sharing a negative story about vaccines. Though Facebook didn’t say this explicitly, I believe this will extend to anyone sharing related stories– pages and profiles. And cross

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This man was SIX hours away from death, needing a heart and lung transplant.

Tom is a research analyst who documented his body’s journey back to health, by the numbers. He gave us a peek at how oxygen therapy in the form of bathing, drinking, and hyperbaric has been reversing his various issues. I’m so grateful he was willing to share his intimate health details with us. Just imagine

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Focus on your health

Mental health and weight loss are linked to your gut— the trillions of bacteria that make up your microbiome. Instead of more willpower and more intense workouts, consider rebuilding your gut with the right bacteria and supplements from your food. I’m spending more time on my health than on digital marketing or Facebook ads, so

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