Wow, how times have changed.

12 years ago, my Facebook ad campaigns were super complex– tons of targets, ads, and frequent adjustments.

Today, modern Facebook campaigns are 90% on the collection, editing, and distribution of KILLER content– largely video snippets.

And only 10% of the mechanics of Facebook ads– messing around in the tools.

I still see a lot of people who are spending 90% of the time on the tools and only 10% in the content strategy/creation– not realizing that the game has completely changed.

Now, the idea of hiring a Facebook ads agency is absurd— any more than you’re hiring someone to microwave your food for you or put your debit card into the ATM for you, while you’re standing there.

The system is so smart that you don’t need to keep touching it or make complex campaign structures.

Are you focusing on creating, curating, editing, and analyzing VIDEO content?

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