Advice for those struggling to find work

My friend Javier is a consultant struggling to find work since he was in the heavily impacted restaurant industry.

This is the advice I gave him, which applies to all consultants and agencies who need to generate income ASAP.

// Perhaps you could make all your training free and drive leads via discounted packages?

Then you could still grow your restaurant business while leveraging what you have.
Otherwise, you’ll be trying to “find work” as a consultant in new fields, which is an uphill battle with so many people in the same predicament.

If you have the knowledge, give it away now. These people will appreciate it– and even though they might not be able to pay you now, they will when things come back around.

A secondary strategy is to discount your fees for the next 90 days to make it easier for them to afford you, while you’re still able to execute for them.

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