Want to know the quickest way to determine whether someone knows what they’re talking about?

It’s not how convincing they appear, who they hang out with, or the luxurious lifestyle they are living.


Deep knowledge results in repeatable excellence, even unconsciously, embodied in step-by-step processes.

If you want to achieve a certain result, you need the right ingredients, the right recipe, and to be able to follow that recipe.

Like a good chef, that expert should be publishing their cookbooks– exactly what to do and what you need to make Dutch Apple Pie, that perfectly seared hangar steak (yes, I’m hungry right now), or your favorite dish.

If they aren’t willing to share their knowledge, consider whether their results are legitimate, repeatable, or transferable.

I’m a connoisseur of checklists– so if you’ve got one you’ve used reliably, I want to hear from you.

I want to add it to my giant collection and give you credit!

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