Don’t accept any less than 100%

I’ve been learning an incredibly painful lesson, which has cost me years of my life and drained my soul.

Don’t accept any less than 100%.

Would you board a jet that had a 99% no-crash rating?

Or a friend that was incredible 99% of the time, but ripped you off blind 1% of the time?

You could multiply 100 x 100 x 100… 99 times in a row.

Then multiply that giant number by zero- and what do you have?

That’s the price of a certain category of failure.

Am I demanding impossible perfection from people, where you jump down their throats on mistakes?

How does this jive with experimentation, forgiveness, and growth?

What I’ve learned is the difference between graceful and catastrophic failure.

The former is a normal life, while the latter is unfixable character issues.

Be super, super selective of who you associate with.

When people tell you who they are, believe them.

I’ve paid dearly with my life and resources by being enamored of people who are wicked smart and charismatic— or have a sob story that rationalizes away their bad behavior and rotten situation.

Now I care about just one thing— their character. Are they loyal— there for you no matter what, even when convenient to screw over— and do the right thing when it counts?

Friends, silver and gold, the new ones and old ones.

Time to get rich slowly, with a small, tight group of friends. And make an impact on those who believe in our mission.

Are you setting the bar high enough for what you truly deserve?

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