Imagine we hire some new nurses who pass out every time they have to draw blood from a patient or see a new patient wheeled into the emergency room– in bad shape.

Our patients are local service companies that are trusting us to heal them– not just to make them feel good.

If you’re a digital marketing agency who is promising results, you better have a clearly published set of procedures– not hide behind witchcraft (it’s proprietary, so I can’t tell you) or take advantage of the trust clients place in you.

It’s easy to freak out when you realize how complicated the entire field of modern medicine is– so much to learn, so many areas of expertise, so many checklists, so many tools.

But instead of being overwhelmed and freezing up, focus on learning how to do just one thing.

Then another thing, and another thing.

And that way, you can competently and confidently fix the digital marketing problems your clients face.

This gets around the common problem of marketing consultants eagerly promising they can do X, Y, and Z– since they want the business and truly want to help, too.

But increasingly, you’re going to see the power of legitimate certifications come into play in modern marketing.

Did you know that modern medicine came from the Royal College of Barber Surgeons? The same people that cut your hair were the same people that did brain surgery.

But when surgery became sufficiently advanced, it broke out into a new field. And that’s what you’re about to see– where there will be a separation from motivation speakers and those folks who have the technical skill to implement digital marketing procedures against well-accepted checklists.