Reward results

The other day a man who has made $500 million told me that he is paid on results, not by the hours he clocks.

If he billed hourly, he’d never hit that upside.

More importantly, if his mindset was selling time by the hour, he would be creating incentives to WASTE time.

The longer he takes, the more he would make.

But a performance mindset is about getting the job done, which REWARDS you for getting it done in less time.

Are you setting yourself up to waste time unknowingly?

Or have you so ingrained in your mind that you focus on hours put in instead of driving toward impact?

Start from the goal, measure your impact (not your hours), and your economic situation will change.

I’d rather be celebrating success than waiting for the clock to hit 5 pm each day.

You can make a million dollars or a million excuses— but not both.

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