Three Pointers That Will Improve Your Practice

The following is a guest post by Dr. Mike DeCubellis from Downers Grove, IL.

I wanted to share a few pointers I have found to be extremely helpful in different aspects of business, especially this last year.

1. Professional Relationships

These take time and I think most people bail on them before they really grow, but if you have other businesses that you have a relationship with and can work together in some aspect, it really helps build your presence.

Remember, the person you are reaching out to does not have you on top of their mind, so they probably do not have you as a priority right away.

If it were quick and easy it would not require work.

2. Medical Network

I know for some doctors this is a pain point, as they do not want to think about sending their patients away.

I know I can not help everyone with my treatment, but if I can at least refer them to the right doctor, I have still helped them.

When it comes to personal injury patients, it is a must to be able to have other specialists you can utilize depending on the injuries.

Just like you, these doctors have seminars and meetups where they share the doctors they work with.

3. Common Message

This is particularly important. Make sure you are consistent with all your messages, and that all your messages say the same thing.

If you change your message, it confuses people and they lose confidence in you.

This means be consistent from when people see you on the first visit when you explain findings and treatment, to what your staff says, to what is on your website.

Go right now, and check make sure you have a message that is consistent.

I hope the 3 pointers above help you in your business!

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