The following is a guest post by Amir Khela, CEO of Canadian Web Designs.

Having watched 70-80% of the public content and read his book and attended a few webinars of Josh Nelson’s, I’ve been applying what Josh has preached over the last 7 months I’ve been following him. 

Firstly, Within 3 weeks of following Josh’s content, I self-published onto Amazon my first book: How To Double Your Sales Online.

However, it being so early, I made the first rookie mistake of not niching down further.

You can see from my website that I’ve always been a generalist. In the last 7 months, I’ve made a lot of changes and many of which I learned from Josh.

Secondly, another credit to Josh Nelson is the introduction to Mike Michalowicz via his podcasts, which I later picked up in the book Profit First, and today I’ve already applied its principles. 
It will take a while to adjust toward profitability, but it was certainly a great first step toward it.

Thirdly: I am wrapping up a package for the fulfillment, which I’ll use to further niche down. I am training my virtual team on it and in the next 2-3 weeks I will be stopping one-off projects as Josh recommends.
And only offer 1 core package (with an upsell and downsell) for $950, $1,450, and $2,450.

I can list many more things I’ve done because of Josh, but to wrap this up, fourthly, which is also due to Josh, is to start webinars and pushing out content.

I have seen Dennis Yu’s content as well, indirectly.
I really liked the video on Clubhouse and I do not own an Apple product, so I am waiting for my fiancee to be able to get into the app- I’ll be using her phone to do what Dennis recommended in the webinar!