How I Grew From 0 to 11,700 Followers on Clubhouse in A Month

This is the easiest way to get new followers on Clubhouse, and I just found this out from Gary Henderson.

You can see I’ve got 11,700 followers here and 2,100 that I’m following. I hear the max is 2,500.

If you look at my followers and these most recent ones that have just followed me in the last hour, some people have no followers at all but this follower has 58. That means he just joined.

If I click on the 58, you can see he’s following all these people that were suggested to him.

When you follow somebody, it suggests other people that are like the person who nominated you that is like that person you’re clicking on.

So a lot of these are people that I already follow, who follow me. That means I’m getting into that suggested user list for these new users.

You’ll see a ton of overlap. For example, there’s Gary Henderson who’s a 35,000 here.

If you look at his brand-new followers, you’ll see the same kind of thing. Like this person, who has 5 followers and 223 followings.

You’ll see that a lot of their following are the same. You see names like JT Foxx, Michael Lane, and Grant Cardone.

I think that’s the part of the algorithm that people don’t understand.
To grow your follower count – which is what you want – you need to get into that suggested user list.

It’s a bit of a grind because you have to show that you are someone who’s interested in the rooms that you have for when you speak. It’s not just that you have a lot of followers and people are coming in for your room because of that, or that you’re even bringing in other people into your room.

This is something I learned from Gary Henderson. The diversity of the people that come to your events is so key.

I have this event upcoming for me later today – Secrets of Business Growth.

It’s with Larry Kim.

He and I have quite a bit of overlap in our user base, so it’s not going to generate a lot of new notifications.

But when we have someone like Gary who has 35000…5% of them might be online at any one time, and maybe 40% of those are going to be relatively new. Then that would bring us 170 or so potential new people into our room.

We just had a room a little earlier today with 402 people in the room. And that’s because as people came in, they didn’t leave. They kept accumulating and it was neat.

You’re not supposed to record on Clubhouse, so I took some screenshots along the way.

The room started with just a couple of people. I started the room with 7.1k followers.

I don’t want you to think this is only about getting followers, but it’s a good way to think about kind of the dynamics of how you do it. It’s not Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook.

I started the room, and literally within two minutes, we had 120 people in the room and it just kept going up.

It went up to 240 within three minutes.

My friend Brennan was speaking. I love taking pictures of my friends when they’re speaking, and then I tag them on Twitter saying, “Hey, it’s so awesome that you’re speaking.”

There are so many people coming in, and then there’s Shawn Dill, who’s speaking.

His audience is coming through, too. I think he has only a thousand, but it’s chiropractors – and those are a lot of folks we have as clients, so I really like that.

We went up to 507, then 306, and then Gary Henderson comes into the room. He leaves.

But I invited a bunch of folks to speak. As you invite people to speak, that notifies their audience.- so I think it’s good to have a trickle of people that are speaking.
If you don’t have new speakers, it’s not going to bring more people into the room.

I kinda got addicted because I wanted to see what happened. We fell from 518 to 380. We didn’t keep as many people, but then it was getting later into the evening.

This room went for two and a half hours. 377 people followed me.

I went to another room just to see what was going on. I wasn’t the one who even started it- it was Connor who started it, and then he bailed on the room for some reason.

As you pull down to refresh, I got into the second spot. Then I got into the first spot, which is weird for this particular room. So then it was my room.

I made some of these other people moderators, and then I left the room. So I think this room is actually still going.

You never want to just leave a room, because then it becomes unmoderated – but that was interesting to see what happened.

I hope you found this behind-the-scenes tour interesting of someone like me, who’s actually learning Clubhouse, and I hope it helps you grow.

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