She’s tried so hard for years as an entrepreneur– working diligently to take care of clients, get new clients, and work sleepless nights to do everything.

It’s one inspiring win– you’re on top of the world!

But then some unforeseen disaster happens– a project didn’t come through, a partner pulls a Tristan Parmley on you– and you’re suddenly in survival mode again.

She asked if she should give up– to move into her car, while still running her business.

Maybe go back to corporate America for a steady paycheck.

I’ve seen so many people in her situation– do you feel her pain, too?

You might be just one funnel away….. from bankruptcy and ruin.

This is the moment to find business partners who do the things you’re not good at– since you can’t do everything well.

Nor do you have enough time– plus being tired compounds mistakes, things you would easily spot when alert, you’ll miss when bleary-eyed.

Problems you would have easily solved, deals you would have won– if you had only delegated to trustworthy partners and a team of assistants.

You hear a lot about “systematizing” your business– usually from people selling a program.

But how about looking at the detailed processes and implementing them, instead of just talking about it?

in 2022, I want to help you systematize– so that you don’t become like my friend here, who is in a desperate situation coming into the holidays.

It’s not sexy, but systems and processes never are.
I’ve assembled a massive cookbook of recipes, covering everything we know how to do, step-by-step.

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