Finding a Mentor is Hard – Jeremy Ryan Slate and I share our secrets of success

I‘ve been praising the benefits of mentorship for decades.

There’s no way I would be where I am today if it weren’t for my mentor, former CEO of American Airlines, Al Casey. He took a chance on me, which opened the first door and put me on my path to success.

You know, the apprentice model has been around forever, way before the United States. That has always been the case. The folks in the United States don’t understand the apprentice model, where you’re going to school and you’re doing some kind of job to learn a skill, not because the businesses are trying to get slave labor, but because they believe in the careers and these folks who are apprentices or students or mentees understand that they’re going to be loyal and stay for a few years and learn a particular trade.

Apprenticeships can open up all kinds of opportunities, and the mentors can open their networks, and then these folks can then start their own shop, do their own thing, or actually go work at the company. But whatever they do, they do it prepared. 

That way of thinking has been lost. Maybe it’s because of the loss of respect for your elders or the idea that millennials need a prize every 30 seconds for attending, for breathing, or loss of patience because of the whole, like the distraction of electronic devices. 

Whatever you want to call it, the lost art of mentorship is what I want to bring back. 

But what I really want is to bring it back to scale.

When I say mentorship at scale, all the stuff that I’ve learned, how to do, which I’ve learned from other people, because you always start with the purest source, I have sought to write it down into checklists.

It could be a checklist on How to boost a post. It could be a checklist on How you set up a website. A checklist of What do you do before, during, and after a client meeting. A checklist on How to create a statement of work. 

You can take that and systematize it, and that’s mentorship. You know, education and mentorship are really the same thing.

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