Those who are the loudest and flashiest get the least done and have less money than you.

Occam’s Razor- the most obvious answer is likely the correct explanation.

Dunning-Kruger- beware of overestimating your competency, while you can see most others already are unaware of their unconscious ignorance.

Seek radical transparency in all your dealings, from credible sources.

There is a reason why people who are peddling “secrets” to wealth are peddling their wares to you instead of practicing it themselves.

Spend time with loved ones— people at the end of their lives don’t regret not spending more time working.

Don’t trade health for money or dignity for wealth— you will be known by what others say about you, not your own posturing.

The best mentors don’t charge you a penny— they don’t need or want your money.

The best things in life are free. But the second best is really expensive.

Getting things done usually takes 3X longer than you think. So failures to perform are usually more about setting unrealistic expectations than not working hard enough.

Be known for doing one thing really, really well— instead of being pretty good at a few things.

What is your ONE thing or what might you be able to develop into that?

Gratitude is the most powerful weapon in business. Likewise, taking credit is for small-minded people.

Want to sell more? Generate authority by being an educator, so people come to you already willing to buy.

People buy your WHY, not what you sell. This, we are all in the trust business.

The fastest way to automate yourself out of the day-to-day grind is to uplift and empower others as intrapreneurs— creating business owners out of apprentices.

The irony of creating freedom for yourself is that requires a ton of process and people. Else, you can’t delegate the work and are stuck doing it yourself.

People who talk about X all the time, probably don’t have it. You see Eskimos boasting about how much ice they have?

The best way to find a mentor is to look for someone who has already done what you’d like to do.

If you don’t know where you’re going, any direction is as good as any other.

Hack life by finding things you enjoy doing for which you can get paid for— education and mentoring are what I enjoy and am blessed to be paid well for sharing it.