Digital Plumbing for Better ROI

Digital Plumbing

Do you want to know a dirty little secret about social media agencies?

They mindlessly create and distribute content– X posts per week on Instagram, Facebook, Google Business Profile, and now TikTok.

You’re just “one surgery away” from death. Are you interested in the “secret” that the voodoo doctors are peddling?

Could you imagine a “surgeon” operating on you before an MRI? 

Or asking you to jump on a park bench to start operating– no need to monitor your vitals or have any support equipment?

How can Digital Plumbing Help

Digital Plumbing helps build your audience and build traffic; however, they go ahead and advertise before putting that in place. 

Further, digital plumbing is very important for tracking conversions; without digital plumbing, Facebook and Google can’t optimize your ads for conversions.

What about the ROI of these activities, so you’re not just wasting money and are not just an expense?

But if the goal is to check the box of X pieces of content published each week, they’ve certainly done their job. The rest is on you.

Digital Plumbing

It is important to set up a digital foundation and get your data and measurement in place– so you can feed the conversion signals back into Facebook, Google, and TikTok– so the algo can do the work for you.

There is so much backend work needed to set up a digital foundation. Still, people skip the basics – Business listing, website/landing page with all tags and analytics, and optimizing social pages before $1 is spent on ads.

So what do you decide? spending the $189 now or blowing thousands of dollars and years of frustrated efforts.

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