Make Perfect One-Minute Video effortlessly

Want to see what is possible in 8 minutes flat?

8 nearly perfect one-minute videos by Gavin Lira, where he answers common questions effortlessly related to his new book “You’re Just One Connection Away”.

Notice his technique in how he acknowledges the question, immediately answers it, and then invites people to check out his book.

The classic mistakes to avoid making perfect one-minute videos

  • Saying who you are before earning the right to their attention as the average watch time on Facebook is 6 seconds
  • Filming landscape instead of portrait, which is key for mobile, social, and promos
  • Selling before first entertaining and educating
  • Using the cell phone’s microphone instead of an external one. The microphone used here to record Gavin Lira is ridden wireless go 2
  • Reading a script word for word, which makes you sound like plastic
  • Looking at yourself instead of in the camera breaks the direct connection with the user
  • Having your hands in your pockets or arms crossed is stand-off body language and restricts your expressiveness
  • thinking you need to be perfect, causing you to delay

These are the first takes we shot continuously— no redos and no breaks. And if we have some um’s in there, that’s normal and natural.

Incidentally, Gavin wrote a 4-page book outline the day before (maybe 50 bullet points) and we shot the whole book in 3 hours.

Yes, we filmed the book as a video, which we transcribe, and edit into stories/diagrams, create snippets to promote the book, and so forth.

If you don’t like to write but see the power of having a book to build your authority and your network connection, then simply write an outline as Gavin did and film it.

Then 90% of the work is being done by someone other than you.

Each one-minute video should fit into one of the categories of Why, How, and What.

Contact people with your “Why” and engage them by telling stories, then they want to understand “How”, In how you not only tell them but rather show your expertise, only then do they care about “What”, what product you are talking about, what services you are selling.

To sell more, meet the goals you have selected, map your goals to the topic, and your topic back to people as people are authoritative in these topics.

You can do a Zoom session and create a book out of that. Perfect webinar script on smart Call to Action at the end.

The key to a course is the video, to create a personal connection.

A mere sales page with a credit card isn’t going to drive sales- – unless you are already well-known.

You know it’s time to get your book out there, right?

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