Buying guest posts – a smart SEO strategy

The SEO pros out there will argue whether buying guest post opportunities are a smart SEO strategy.

But most will agree that $500 is the going rate to be able to guest post on a high DA site. is a DA62, and is a DA73, which is beyond what you can even get on such sites.

And our sites are not available for purchase– even in private networks. For the “SEO pros” out there– I believe Google can spot your private link scheme, even if it’s triangular or delayed.

But if you’re a client for any of our packages or a member of Office Hours (our $100 a month membership), I’d like to offer you one guest post on my sites to boost your SEO.

That’s my gift to you!


  • Has to be unique, interesting content (not spun in any way) that is actually worth sharing.
  • You get two links, both do follow, to any domains you choose– but can’t be anything shady (we don’t have any clients in those industries, anyway).
  • You have to be a current paying member.
  • If you don’t want to write a blog post, you can get a content VA to convert one of your videos into an article, which you can buy as a separate task.

Ready to build up your SEO link power so you can rank on more competitive keywords on Google?

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