Buy Products for their Benefits not Features

Pros know why people buy. They focus on the benefits, not the features.

If pros focus on benefits, then elites focus on the advantage of the benefits– the transformation.

Among folks that sell coaching and info products, the number of courses and those details is not as significant as helping people see the result.

To know WHY they should buy.

The hallmark of a great copywriter is not solid grammar (we should all be able to write clearly and error-free) but the focus on benefits.

And the key to zeroing in on benefits is having EMPATHY– which few people have.

EMPATHY comes from within and #LDT (Learn, Do, Teach is part of our nine triangle framework), meaning that you’ve gone through it to understand and have credibility.

LDT Module

If you’re an expert in any area– especially a consultant, real estate agent, attorney, or doctor– this is where your marketing must focus in 2022.

Focus on the following to get people to buy:

  • Benefits – the benefits people get from your product or service features: long-term benefits and results, not short-term turnaround and instant gratification. 
  • Outcomes – are what people get or become after using your product or service.
  • Transformation – seeing how their life will change for the better through your product or service. The perceived shift your prospects will get from your product or service will make their purchase from you.
  • Features – show them how your product or service works.

People’s vision of what they believe their outcome and transformation will be is what gets them to open up their wallets.

Unless the market heard it, in such case, choose a market or niche with less blood in the water.

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