3 Mistakes: Every job applicant must avoid

3 Mistakes: Every job applicant must avoid
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I, Dennis Yu the CEO of BlitzMetrics.com am offering job opportunities for many countries who want to work remotely. I want to tell you about some mistakes people make when they apply for jobs.  We are hiring like crazy because we are so fortunate to have so many clients and partners.

Mistake # 1 Reaching out to CEO

The first mistake is that applicants straightly reach out to me and another team member with zero preparation. If you send a message and Say, dear sir, “please hire me” it just has stuff that shows you did not research what our company does. 

It shows you are not following us on social media, this is the reason why you are doing the same as the thousands of other people who are just blasting their resumes out. We have proper system through which we are hiring, so follow the instructions.

Mistake # 2 Not Sending a Personalize message

Make sure you personalize your message and say something specific about what you have learned, which stands out and makes you ahead of 95% of the other candidates. You’ve got to learn to follow directions and know who to contact other team members. It could be someone who’s in a particular group.

There are always some instructions. And you want to demonstrate that you can figure out who is the right person to contact or be able to solve problems for yourself or go through the training.

Mistake # 3 Not checking your message for grammatical errors

Always pay attention to grammatical errors and other kinds of mistakes. We are looking at your ability to communicate. You have errors in there and capitalization and punctuation, so it will hurt your chances. If English is not your first language, then it’s okay, we have a lot of folks in the Philippines, Pakistan, Brazil, and other places. 

You have to show that you can communicate clearly, that does not mean you have to be a writer, or you have to be able to write books or things like that, but avoid things that are sloppy or have grammatical errors. Follow-up shows how much potential you have when you want to know how you are doing.

You want to be sure you are paying close attention to the instructions for any particular job that is assigned. Like, as sending a note to Juan, making a one-minute video and posting it on LinkedIn, or sending something with a subject line. To show your presence comment on the posts positively.

Good luck. There is so much opportunity. I would love to find some way to be able to create a million jobs, which is our mission.

Delighted to onboard everyone

And the people that come through our program, it is not just for us. It’s for all of us. So we want to create jobs together based on clear, fair instructions that anyone who can qualify.

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