Oxygen Machine

You may have heard of the pod shown below that will kill you within one minute by taking the oxygen out of the chamber, leaving you in a biodegradable coffin. Death by hypoxia is now legal in several countries.

But have you heard of this other machine – the oxygen machine below that does the exact opposite?

Instead of causing hypoxia, it treats hypoxia by getting oxygen to the cells in the body that need it the most.

kaqun-bath oxygen machine

I feel awful that some people lose so much hope that they end their life.

I want to help people live longer, happier, more robust lives. And I will put every penny I earn towards doing this.

That picture above of the oxygen machine — I took it 10 minutes ago after I got out of the bath— a 50-minute treatment.

Hungary, Kaqun oxygen baths

I came all the way to Budapest, Hungary, to see and experience these new units. It’s not my first time in Hungary to do Kaqun oxygen baths.

The main reason I have a place in Vegas is to be near the Kaqun facility that’s just a few minutes from the strip.

I love how the oxygen makes me feel, even though I’m not suffering from chronic illness, brain fog, or other conditions that oxygen can treat.

You’ve perhaps seen me post about my experiences at Kaqun and that of my friends who have tried it, too.

I have no ownership interest in this company— I’m a skeptic who has been thoroughly convinced by the science, medical trials, personal experience, and witness to miraculous recoveries by close friends.

With so much attention on the suicide pod, why aren’t more people talking about the Oxygen machine?