Run Engagement Campaigns on Twitter

I’ve been testing Twitter ads for the last ten years, and here’s what I’ve learned.

engagement campaigns
The magic of Twitter campaigns

Engagement campaigns (boosted posts) are the only worthwhile campaign objective.

For example, in growing small Twitter accounts, don’t run follower campaigns with only a 0.3% follow rate.

Run engagement campaigns on high-value posts, giving you a 25% follow rate. Your cost per follower will be almost 100 times better.

Only follower look-alikes are worth targeting. Don’t use interest or demographics, which are faulty and sparse.

I typically get a 10% engagement rate on my ads, meaning 1 in 10 people will click. It is 50 times better than average ads. My video campaigns get a 50% or higher watch rate. Not because my video is killer or edited fancy, but because I target the followers of the people in the video.

People will watch those they’re already familiar with.

Think about what this means for your podcasting strategy, especially to repurpose clips of people who have interviewed you and vice-versa. Thus, leverage your podcast and those you’ve been on.

Twitter has been notoriously bad for referral traffic (website clicks). You could choose website clicks or slightly better visits (pixel fires to confirm visits).

But you’ll still be better off with an engagement campaign. The CPC (Cost per Click) will be slightly higher, but it’s worth the extra engagement and organic reach.

Do you think this will change with Elon making adjustments on the platform?

It will get better!

Has immediate ad monetization on Twitter ever worked?

The answer is no.

The Dollar Day Strategy works perfectly on Twitter since you can still target even the smallest handles. And the price is still super low ($2-6 CPMs).

With Elon Musk now the owner of Twitter, expect it to be a better place for marketers who use the principles we teach.

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