When your engagement rate sucks, Facebook massively penalizes you organically and in your ads, too.

I’ve found that boosting posts of lightweight content (not selling– but fun or educational) in video format drives the lowest OVERALL cost per sale.

Running ads against a cold audience will smack you with a penalty of $80+ CPM (cost per thousand impressions), no matter the objective you choose.

But spending 2 cents per light touch– assembling a string of 6-8 touches with 10+ second video remarketing audiences– brings the cost of your offer down to the $10 range.

Would you pay 12-16 cents to warm up an audience to be able to reduce your cost of acquisition from $200 to perhaps $80?

Below is one boosted post that I’ve had running over 200 days, going at a dollar a day, to build up remarketing audiences over time. Look at the cost per view.

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