When YOU are working on your personal brand, you are a self-promoting, narcissistic, chest-beater.

I mean, doesn’t it feel wrong to be talking about how great you are, where you’ve been, and the important people you once took a picture with at some event?

Yes, everyone else is doing it– they are all self-proclaimed authors, speakers, and coaches, destined to share their expertise on the big stage.
Or so the guy selling you books and courses would have you believe.

If only you just believe in yourself… enough to fork over your credit card.

What these people have all wrong is not that many of them are scammers or that these platitudes of hard work aren’t true.

Rather, you should have SOMEONE ELSE work on your personal brand.

Your credibility is higher when others talk about you.
Which has more power– me saying that I’m good at Facebook ads or Facebook themselves saying so in a joint workshop we hold?

You don’t have time to manage your personal brand.
For those who actually know the mechanics of collecting mentions, saying thank you, editing videos, tuning blog posts, managing your schedule, organizing webinars, and so forth– you need an assistant to manage that.

Having someone else manage your brand raises your stature.
This shows you run an organization instead of your company being just you– and shows you can train up others.

You have a better perspective.
For the same reasons that surgeons don’t like to operate on their own families, the advice of others overcomes your own blind spots.

You can grow a mission and company instead of your job.
If things would fall apart if you step away, then you have a job, not a company– and a true personal brand has a mission beyond the founder.