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The Personal Branding Course

Have you ever noticed those folks who act like big shots in the personal branding world but don’t really have anything to show for it? I’m talking about those guys who say they can teach you how to write a bestseller, but they haven’t written one themselves. Or those broke coaches who claim they can help you get rich through coaching, even though they’re struggling themselves.

Then there are those sales experts who bombard your messages with the same old stuff, trying to sell you their lead generation thing. They make it seem like they’re sending you a personal message, but you know it’s just copy-pasted junk.

Here’s the deal: instead of bombarding us with their flashy spam, they should be showing us the real deal.

If they’ve actually achieved something, they should lay it out step by step. No need for those long webinars where they talk about their life story for ages and then try to get you on a call. Just put it out there plainly, like in articles, videos, and social media posts.

We’re not interested in being sold to with all the fancy talk. But we’re definitely interested in learning from someone who’s actually done something cool.

So, these experts should cut the nonsense and give us the facts about how they made it happen. That’s what we’re looking for.