When it comes to starting a new business venture, the classic “chicken and egg” problem often rears its head. You need proof of success to gain clients, but you need clients to get that success in the first place. My buddy Alex recently decided to pivot his focus to helping life coaches grow their brands via the Dollar a Day strategy, but he faced this very conundrum: How could he break into an entirely new niche without any proof of success in that field?

Well, I’ve got a tactical, straightforward game plan for him—and for anyone else looking to crack the code. If you’re in a similar boat, read on to learn how to not just overcome this obstacle, but to also become a living, breathing example of the strategy you’re implementing.

The Game Plan: Interview to Unlock Opportunities

Step 1: Interview Top Life Coaches

The first part of the plan is to interview top life coaches via Zoom for about 15 minutes. And let’s be clear: The goal here isn’t to make a sale. Instead, you’re honoring these professionals, learning from their experience, and providing them a platform to share their insights.

Step 2: Create Chapters for Each Coach

Turn each of these 15-minute interviews into a standalone chapter and compile them all into a book. Make sure the content is engaging, informative, and provides value not only to the coaches but also to the readers who are interested in the field.

Step 3: Boost Your Book on Amazon

Once the book is ready, list it on Amazon and use the Dollar a Day strategy to promote it. With just a small daily ad spend, you can reach a highly targeted audience of potential customers and interested professionals.

Step 4: Leverage Co-authors for Promotion

You don’t have to go it alone in promoting the book. Leverage the reach of the life coaches you’ve featured. They have their own followings and would likely be willing to share the book with their audience, especially since they are featured in it.

The Ripple Effects

Unlock Podcasts

The book serves as an excellent portfolio of your expertise, which you can then parlay into opportunities for appearing on podcasts. These podcasts can be your own or those hosted by other experts in the industry.

Boost Your Podcast Appearances

Apply the Dollar a Day strategy once more, but this time to boost these podcast episodes. Again, this is a cost-effective way to get your message and expertise in front of the right audience.

Attract Clients Before You’re Even Ready

One of the magical aspects of this strategy is that you don’t have to wait until you have your service packages fully fleshed out. Once the book is out and the podcast episodes are circulating, life coaches will start reaching out for help. Why? Because you’ve built up trust. You’ve given them value and honored their profession.

Final Thoughts: Become a Living Practitioner

At this point, you’ll have successfully integrated yourself into the life coaching industry, using the Dollar a Day strategy to not only promote others but also yourself. You become a living, breathing practitioner of what you’re implementing. You’ll have turned the ‘chicken and egg’ issue on its head, gaining both experience and a client base before even launching your full suite of services.

By the time you’re ready to fully launch, you won’t just be someone trying to help life coaches. You’ll be a recognized player in the field, all thanks to the ingenious application of a Dollar a Day.