Raining money from the sky

Golf-ball sized hail is coming down right now in Boulder– our yard looks like a driving range littered with hail chunks. As an internet marketer, instead of hearing hail pelting our windows, I hear clicks from people typing in “Denver hail damage”, as they need new roofs and car repairs.

Shall we say there is a silver lining to this cloud? BlitzMetrics finds ways to profit from bad things happening– whether it be funeral advice,  Denver veterinary care, or even cosmetic surgery.  In fact, most of our client base is medical and legal clients– companies that customers see when there is a problem. Find out where there is pain and you’ll make a profit.

Last month, our roofing client had the best month ever— and if the weather keeps up– this month will be the same. We even set up a roofing contractor site– and got 3 new roofing clients in the last two weeks.  It already ranks on “roofing contractor marketing”, which only gets one hit a day. We get 3 visits a day from “roofing marketing” and a whole lot more from Facebook self-serve advertising, which is only 20 cents a click for geo and age-targeted traffic (and it’s the best-kept secret for small business advertising).

So while other people are freaking out when bad stuff happens, what are you doing to take advantage of the opportunity?

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