Who says twitter is a waste of time?

A few days ago, I posted a Facebook status message, asking “Who wants a free SEO analysis?” 23 people responded and I chose one winner. Yesterday, I chose the winner and posted the analysis here.  And now, not even a day later, I do a search on Twitter and see pages and pages of people re-tweeting the blog post.

Funny thing is that I never promoted this on Twitter, to begin with. It started with just a Facebook status message and then a post on my blog.

You should search on your name to see what comes up.

You might be surprised.
You might learn something.

For example, look at who is mentioning me by typing this:


Given the popularity, I think I’ll probably offer free SEO analysis weekly. If you want one, just fan me on Facebook at facebook.com/dennisyu, then add your site to the list.


I now do a search for my name on Twitter every few days to see what’s happening.  Now I see 100 mentions every time I do a blog post, even though I don’t mention it on Twitter.  That means bloggers like us have to pay attention to Twitter whether we like it or not.  At conferences, we get to see the live Twitter feeds to get a sense of audience interest.  Quite lively!

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