Friends don’t let friends make paper airplanes

If you’ve got 6 minutes and 31 seconds, give this a shot from my friend Alex, who has the most popular paper airplane site on the web.  If you’re one of those folks who likes to watch cooking shows but doesn’t actually get around to following along– don’t worry, you can do this with no sweat.  The plane is called the Cobra– and it took me only one sheet of paper (proof below) to do it, although I had to pause and rewind a couple of times.  Flies perfectly as claimed– like a dart.

Check out Alex’s personal blog, as well as his cocktail-making site.  If you’re really brave, try making the sweaty bollock recipe, which has 3 shots of absinthe.  If you don’t know what bollocks are– look it up.  Perhaps making cocktails and paper airplanes don’t mix!

Some pages on his site, such as the types of paper airplanes, don’t have page titles  (SEO oops!)– but all is forgiven for the man who is in charge of Facebook’s own SEO and online marketing. You can learn a lot from this man– not just about paper airplanes and cocktails.

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