Organizing project in Basecamp– a simple workaround

We’ve got over 100 projects in our Basecamp– and that makes for potentially messy project management.  Basecamp doesn’t allow you to group projects together, except under companies.  So our workaround was to create companies named “Non-Profit support”, “Tier 1 Clients”, “Content Factory Platform”, “Cosmetic Surgeons”, and so forth to bucket projects together.  On the plus side, it does organize projects into nice indented groups.

But then I took a tip from how we name our campaigns and ad groups inside AdWords Editor– to prefix the names of these items to force them to sort in the vertical hierarchy on the left.  You see, in AdWords, we can force sort campaign names by calling them 1_[theme] or 2_[theme], or 3_[theme] to group by priority and by head or tail.

Same thing with our project names in Basecamp.  I hope this helps those of you with a ton of projects in Basecamp– or perhaps too many ad groups and campaigns to manage in AdWords.  I’d give you a screenshot, but I think you get the idea here.  Sometimes the simplest tricks are the most effective– the ones that require zero programming.

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