Singapore is full of lesbians according to Facebook

Facebook’s ad tool gives you demographic counts.  Here are the number of people 18+ in Singapore– 1.8 million:

We’ve left the setting on both genders and all relationship statuses.

Now we look at just the females.  There are 903,840 of them, which is about half the population.

Now let’s look at females who are seeking males– there are only 53,300 of them.

Now what one might erroneously conclude is that the difference (903,840 minus 53,300) is women seeking women.  Thus, 850,540 of these 903,840 are lesbians.

However, not everyone states their sexual preference.  So here are the females seeking females.  There are 102,980 of them, which is nearly double the number of females seeking males!

I ran the stats twice to make sure– and sure enough, these numbers check out.  By the way, if you add up the number of women who prefer either males or females, then you have a total of 156,280, which is only a sixth of the female population of about 900,000.  Thus, 5/6ths of people aren’t declaring their sexual preference.

Why?  I believe that gay people don’t want to be ostracised in certain countries, while heterosexual folks are perhaps tired of being bombarded by dating ads. But there could be also a fraction of people who are bisexual, asexual, or have other preferences.

Reminds of a friend who was filling out a form– and in the section marked sex, he said, “Yes, please!”

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