Rocky Mountain Racquet Killer: Why Next Day Racquets is Crushing Boulder Tennis

Have you ever been to one of those gas stations along the highway– the one that can charge $7 a gallon because the nearest gas is 40 miles away?  They can charge whatever they want.

Until recently, there was no other place in Boulder for stringing tennis racquets. 22-year-old CU grad, Matt Prater, has a love for tennis. He made his high school varsity team as a freshman and hasn’t put his racquet down since.  Now, 8 years later, Matt is a professional tennis instructor teaching his students twice a day, seven days a week. On top of that, he strings tennis racquets for his students.

His tennis stringing business naturally evolved. He started by stringing his fellow high school teammates to make a little extra cash.  Soon, he bought a stringing machine, purchased various reels of string, and found himself with a business.

Whether his business was buoyed by his love or perhaps the lack of competition from the only other Boulder tennis shop in town, it’s hard to tell what drove his growth. Part of what irked Matt was that the competition took over a week to do a restringing.  For kids that have only one racquet and didn’t want to go a week without playing, that was unacceptable.

So he started Next Day Racquets to set a new standard in town. Not only is his service better, but he charges only $20 plus the cost of strings. And as any young entrepreneur, he has put his business on Facebook, to tap into the social crowd.

Have you been a happy customer of Matt or perhaps have some advice to provide him? We look forward to your thoughts!

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