Collaborative Leadership Defined

Today I was over at the offices of ICOSA Magazine, a Denver-based publisher that is sponsored by CAP Logistics.  Who would have thought that a logistics company could produce such high-quality content?  Here are some things I’ve learned about their efforts to make the world a better place:

  • They interview world leaders (presidents of countries and CEOs of major corporations) to get their opinion on the state of the economy. They don’t charge for this or charge for the magazine– there is no catch.
  • Recently, they interviewed Bishop Desmond Tutu about his perspectives on hope and optimism.
  • They have an entire issue dedicated to infrastructure– improving water, architecture, roads, bridges, and electrical grids– highlighting the efforts of individuals and businesses to improve the world.

Collaborative leadership is about getting different people in the community to work together to grow the pie for everyone.  These are weighty topics but are worth engaging in.  Kudos to ICOSA for making it happen and not taking a dime on it.

Here’s the other part to understand– by interviewing the heads of mining companies, heavy equipment, and other firms that are clients or potential clients, their magazine also has great business value.  If you’re the CEO of a mining company that has less than a stellar reputation with the green community, this good PR is something you’d want. And you’d be quite inclined to do business with CAP when they put that shiny magazine in your hands.

Thank you to Gayle Dendinger, founder of CAP Logistics, and Eli Regalado, for having us over at their facilities to share.

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