Thoughts Astray: A founders story by Josh Bachrach of Stable Company

I admire entrepreneurs of all types. I’ve known Josh for a few years and wanted to share with you the zeal that only founders have. Notice how this is different than how an employee talks about their company—even without the F word!

Ever since I can remember, clothes have been important to me. Not only clothes but the way I look and feel wearing them. “Look Good, Feel Good” has always been my personal motif. When I was younger, I started skateboarding and that has always influenced my lifestyle. The way I wear my s*** has always been a bit different. Sometimes I like being different.

I remember what dumb-ass kids my friends and I were, back when we were like fifteen; we used to be really into skinny jeans. I don’t mean skinny jeans like the rappers wear now, I mean skinny ass jeans. We would go to Kohl’s when we didn’t have money for the KREW jeans we liked, and secretly cop Levi’s girl jeans and try not to tell anyone. It’s funny looking back on that now and seeing how much my style has changed.
There is just something really cool about 90’s Skateboard type fashion that I’ve always been interested in. Ever since I was a little kid skating the rail my Dad rigged together for me, I imagined myself being involved in the skate world one way or another. However, I never thought I’d be on the clothing side of it, or the business side for that matter… It’s pretty f***ing crazy, actually.
When James had the idea for the Stable clothing company, I was into it instantly. There was no way I couldn’t jump on it right away. The stuff he does is fucking genius. When you look at everything Jiberish has ever done that is good and has sold out, its been designed by James or Blake. When it came down to it, I knew that no matter what, I was going to be a part of Stable solely because of James’ creative capability.
I’ve always f***ed around with art, but it’s never been something I’m comfortable with. That’s why James is perfect. He’s the best at what he does. He takes this business to the next level. We combine our ideas and come up with stuff we love.
It’s my dream to see Stable up there as one of the big street-wear companies in the next couple of years, but we all have our wishes. Wherever we end up, it’s going to be an amazing experience. It’s been an amazing past three months, and I look forward to many more.
About Stable
Stable is a company that delivers well-designed, limited-production apparel and accessories at a compatible price to a discerning clientele. We are targeting males in their late teens up to their early thirties who get their news and information from blogs and through social networking outlets. While other brands are targeting this particular consumer, none are taking the dark, cynical approach we have in design, giving us an unexploited niche.
We really want people to connect with us and see that we are just like them. We are making the clothes we love and that we think other people will like. Timeless effort goes into our designs and production. From sitting down and deciding what we want each capsule to look like, to actually screen printing clothes we strive for success.
 The name Stable gives the brand an ironic underpinning, what with the dark elements of instability, but theoretically could morph the brand into a literal interpretation, a Stable platform; a Stable company.
Mission statement
Stable was conceived to provide well-designed, thought-through apparel and accessories at an affordable price to a discerning consumer that demands exclusivity. It is an effort to fuse accessibility and personality with exclusiveness and luxury.
We like to live by the idea of working hard and always staying humble. Striving to bring people the coolest stuff we can.
We always feel that if we keep our cool, there is no way that people won’t think We are cool and if they don’t like us, that is whatever. We like to make things that We love and stay true to our dreams. We don’t want to change for anyone and We know people will respect that.
Read what else Josh has to say at the Stable Clothing Blog. Get some fresh new urban threads at their online Shop, and while you’re at it, like them on Facebook.

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