How to streamline your campaign organization

Direct marketers are all too eager to drive immediate conversion. This leads to silly behavior which frustrates them (hey, Facebook doesn’t convert) while aggravating users.

The key is to balance your audience-building, engagement, and conversion efforts. You should group your ads into these 3 campaigns.

If you don’t, your ads will be mixed up and you’ll not be able to optimize efficiently. If you see “multiple” in the results column, like below, there’s something wrong.

The new “business objective” ad flow inadvertently creates multiple ads with multiple objectives per campaign. So don’t do it. Create a campaign where you have a single objective per campaign, to get fans, drive engagement, collect emails, drive conversions, and so forth.

The more complex your product offering and the more stages you have in your funnel, the more important to separate out your campaigns.

Decide how much to allocate to different points in the funnel (don’t put it all in conversion), and make sure to have ads with the same goals in each campaign.

Name your campaigns as 1_audience, 2_engagement, 3_conversion, and so forth, so it’s easy to sort your funnel in the ads manager or Power Editor.

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