Growing Cruise Fans on Facebook at 16 Cents Each

Leslie Marsh is a Certified Cruise Planner at Cruise Planner.

Her audience of 3.6 million is huge.
But Facebook has gotten so smart at oCPM that it hasn’t hurt her. Just look at the 4.4% CTR and fans for only 16 cents.
Rapid fan growth, driven mainly by page-like ads.
Part of this is that it’s hard to not like cruises. Fast food, entertainment, and CPG tend to do well on Facebook.
At the same time, not all fans are of the same quality.
Maybe adding other filters for geography and income will get us fans who are more likely to buy a cruise vs just daydream.
And by adding in friend-of-fan connection targeting, we get social context (Mari likes this), which increases CTR and conversion rates.
In this case, we’d likely want to rely upon page-like sponsored stories to drive the bulk of the fan growth.
But you’d want to test a regular page-like ad (voice of the business) against a sponsored story (voice of friends) to see.
If you’re running ads to generate new fans, make sure that you’re also feeding these new fans into an engagement campaign.

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