Whoops, Facebook thinks we’re a dating site!

Here’s the post:

You can read it here for tips on how to give a killer presentation and how to network at conferences.

And then we got this disapproval:

It’s easy to mock Facebook when they get it wrong.
Maybe their algorithm detected two people in the photo and words that dating sites use. Or maybe they see that we’ve run millions of dollars in ads for dating sites in the past.

But consider their viewpoint.
They did $7.8 billion in revenue in 2013. Let’s assume the average ad spent $100 (I’m making this up). That means that people would have created 78,000,000 ads.

That’s 213,698 ads per day.

If one ad operation can review 10 ads per minute, then we’re looking at 21,370 minutes of review time per day. That’s 44 people full-time at 8 hours per day.

Of course, some of these ads are auto-approved, there are ad buys in the millions, and there is non-ad revenue.

Now have some empathy for Facebook!

Curious to see how many people Google has in reviewing ads and search results…

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