And then there were nine…

Nine ad types on Facebook, that is.

Used to be 29 last summer and cut down to just 15 in January.
A definitive guide by Dennis Yu on how to use these 15 ad types is here on SocialFresh.

But now that sponsored stories as standalone ad units are getting cut on April 9th, 2014, less than two months out, we are left with just 9 ad types (not counting premium ads).

Here they are:
Ad 1:

Ad 2:

Ad 3:

Ad 4:

Ad 5:

Ad 6:

Ad 7:

Ad 8:

Ad 9:

Can you see that Facebook is moving towards amplification of organic content, driven by targeting options, as opposed to placements?

This means that:

  • Bid management is going away, for the PPC software vendors.
  • Ad optimization techniques are going away, for the technical PPC agencies making a buck doing this.
  • Analytics vendors are going away since Facebook is building robust free tools (you can’t beat free), while Google Analytics is getting better. Rock and a hard place, folks.
  • Content marketers win– organic content is vital since Facebook will handle the technical details.

Readers, feel free to share in the comments below what you think is going on with the Facebook ecosystem.

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